Why Choose Melete

Melete is a software and services company, proud of its African origins, with over 100 years combined experience in providing secure transfers, payment options and development.

Melete is staying abreast of development and is a core enabler of the fourth industrial revolution, through:
– Machine-to-Machine communication
– Internet of Things (IoT)
– Digitization

We are the security enabler to future-proof your company

Melete International Trading’s software solution for secure Managed File Transfers and other forms of data communication:

  • Melete nuMotus sMFT system automates secure transfers and becomes part of a larger process automation setup, within the organisation, as well as between disparate systems
  • Hacks and malware form a steadily increasing threat to data security while legislation like PDPL 2021,GDPR , PIPEDA, POPIA and similar initiatives elsewhere require an ever-increasing vigilance towards protection of personal data; Melete helps address these challeges. Its sMFT solution also ensures regulatory and industry compliance (PCI-DSS, HIPAA)
  • Any organisation can achieve the highest possible levels of security in communication between systems both internal and external to the organisation, through the deployment of Melete’s solutions

Who benefits from Melete’s solution:

(banks, insurance, brokerages, payments processors, markets and clearing institutions – CCP)

(inter- and extra-departmental)

(secure billing, payments, etc)


(hospitals/clinics, practitioners, insurers)

Legal, larger and smaller practices

Real estate
(agents, conveyancers, lawyers)

Melete’s nuMotus secure MFT (sMFT) software stands out from the field:

the Melete nuMotus secure Managed File Transfer service deploys state-of-the-art security: both the transmitted file and the transfer channel are encrypted from source to destination (dual end-to-end encryption)

its service is based on unique technology with regards to security, business rules engine, API, and high levels of automation; the development and support teams have broad industry experience

the nuMotus service delivers faster speed to value, through competitive and flexible pricing options and superior results, as well as flexible sizing options

Melete’s customer focus reflects in the service’s integration and customization capability (file conversions and data translation, other customized plug-ins), problem solving methods and culture (eg innovation, flexibility, etc)

Melete International does data transfers and only data transfers, automated and highly secure, our focus is not distracted, other than by developing even better file transfer solutions going forward

Melete delivers over and beyond expectations; customers can leverage off existing investment (integration with existing protocols and workflows); all customers tend to be long term engaged

the nuMotus service offers a unique delivery model (global geographical coverage through cloud); optionally as an on-premise install

nuMotus Features:

  • Highly scalable
  • HA (High-Availability) design
  • Multi tenancy – simultaneously serve multiple client organisations from a single instance
  • Easily maintainable with a small technical team
  • Ease of setup of application, endpoints and transfer configurations
  • Agent-based or agentless
  • Intelligent agent is multi-platform
  • End-to-end dual encryption (AES256), in transit and at rest
  • Acts as a gateway and supports all industry standard transfer protocols, including SFTP and PGP encryption/decryption
  • High levels of process automation achievable
  • Scheduled and/or triggered transfers as well as ad-hoc
  • Pull-the-Trigger: fetching a file in-stream from source via a trigger file (mainframe locations) so that data is never unencrypted via the transfer process
  • Provides acknowledgers
  • API (Application Programming Interface) – all nuMotus administrative functions can be addressed and/or triggered by third party applications
  • PGP encryption and signing as an extra layer of security (for specific use cases)
  • Role-based access control; integrates into any existing user authentication solution
  • Continuous management reporting, eg: volumes, customer usage activity, system uptime, transfer status; fully tamper-evident audit trail of all events
  • Integrates into any helpdesk system and/or infrastructure support system
  • Helps achieving regulatory and industry standard compliance (GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, others)
  • Frequent updates to help customers in staying ahead of commercial and regulatory demands

Get in Touch:

Melete International Trading DWC-LLC
Dubai, UAE

+971 55 381 4994


Get in Touch:

Melete International Trading DWC-LLC Dubai, UAE

+971 55 381 4994